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Cognitive Ability and Aptitude Assessments

Cognitive Ability and Aptitude Assessments

You might be asked to perform one or more ability tests which reflect important on the job skills. They will give the potential employer more information about your abilities in specific areas, including your ability to comprehend a range of data and text, reason and learn. If you have been asked to complete a test measuring General Mental Ability (GMA) it will be a combination of several aptitude type assessments.

Ability tests are usually timed and thus measure both accuracy and speed. The best advice is to work through practice questions as carefully and slowly as you need until you understand what is required. Then you should work through the test as quickly and thoroughly as you can. Leave questions you can't answer and move onto those you can. If you have time over, some assessments will allow you the opportunity to return to questions that you initially did not answer.

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