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Helpful tips on preparing for the test. Troubleshooting & Resolving Technical Problems. Some common questions.


What does the testing involve?

Basically, participants download the evaluation, a test at a time, from the TestGrid site once they have logged in. The results are automatically uploaded to the TestGrid database.

This process involves the system downloading each test to the participant's computer. This can take some minutes depending on the age of the hardware being used and type of Internet service provider. Once the test has been downloaded, participants should only use the Next and Previous buttons in the main test screen to navigate their way through the test (i.e. don't use the browser buttons).

There may be one or more tests to be completed in an assessment. Each individual test contains instructions before you commence. Once you are logged in and you have filled in your personal details page, you will be taken to your Home Page where the tests you need to complete will be located in a table at the bottom of the screen. This table contains information about the duration of each test (how long it will take to complete), and the number of sections within each test. A duration time of 0 mins means that the test is not timed.

Abilities & Aptitude tests are generally timed and provide you with sample questions. The instructions and sample questions are not timed. The timer begins when once you have clicked on Start Test. The timer will appear on the top right corner of the test screen to assist you in monitoring your progress during the test. Once the maximum time for completing a test or section has been reached, you will be prompted to finish the test. See further information: What is the duration of the test?

Personality and Competency Profiles are not timed, however you should allow at least a half hour to complete these type of tests. Please read the following articles for more information: What are the different types of Tests?

When any test is completed you must click on the Finish Test or Finish Section button to send your results back to the database. Do not close your browser window until you have returned to you home page.

There are practice tests available online that will give you an understanding of what the different test may look like.

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What do I do with my Username and Password?

You will be given a Username and a Password that will enable you to logon to the testing site.

If you have difficulty logging in, check to see if the password and username have been entered correctly. Check for spaces, upper and lower case, and other typing errors.

If you have not received your username and password, check your e-mail box carefully, including the deleted folder to see if you were sent the e-mail with your account information.

If you are unable to find the e-mail, you should contact the organisation who arranged for your testing. The organisation can check the participant e-mail contact information is correct, and can e-mail the relevant information to participants or provide the information over the phone.

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Browser requirements

TestGrid supports the following browsers:

  • Internet Explorer - versions 8 and above for Windows PC
  • Mozilla Firefox – versions 12 and above for Windows PC and Mac

To access Testgrid your browser must accept cookies and support secure connections (often called SSL, or Secure Sockets Layer), and the option must be enabled to sign in. The system also requires that JavaScript be enabled.

To see if your browser supports secure connections and for detailed instructions about how to enable this feature, go to the online Help for your browser or try the following steps:

To enable secure connections for WINDOWS with Internet Explorer 8 or above

  • Click Tools, and then click Internet Options.
  • Click the Advanced tab.
  • Scroll to the Security section.
  • Select all of the "Use SSL" check boxes and click OK.
  • If you see a message to notify you that you are entering or leaving a secure connection when you try to sign in, you should choose to continue or you will not be able to sign in.

NOTE: If you are behind a firewall or proxy that does not support secure connections (for example, if you are accessing the Internet from a computer that is part of a corporate network), speak with your local system administrator to see if a solution can be reached using your network. Note that not all firewalls or proxies cause errors.

If you are unable to establish secure connections from your home or work computer because of browser or network settings, you will need to locate a suitable computer. Internet cafes and universities or local libraries typically have systems capable of handling the TestGrid system.

NOTE: Specific integrated assessments require special plug-ins or third party software such as the latest version of JRE, Flash Player or ActiveX enabled in the browser to access them. Specific technical information will be cited in the assessment invitation and your environment will be automatically examined before commencing the assessment.

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How can I create an appropriate physical Test environment?

The environment in which you attempt the testing should provide you with every opportunity to perform well on the assessment. Ideally, your location should be appropriately ventilated or heated, quiet, free from distractions and interruption. Please remember to turn off your mobile phone.

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How can I best set up my equipment to complete the Test?

The test needs to be undertaken using an appropriate Internet connection and suitable computer equipment.

Correct hardware & software

The TestGrid site is best accessed using an up to date PC (TestGrid does not support Macintosh Computers).

The preferred browsers for TestGrid are Internet Explorer 5.0 and above. Browsers significantly older than these may present difficulties for the user. Refer to the Article: Browser Requirements for more information.

Internet service providers

An ISP offering reliable, continuous connectivity is essential. Participants using ISPs that have a time out facility may experience difficulty in downloading the assessment. In this situation participants may find more reliable service in Internet cafes and universities or local libraries.

Screen resolution

Please check that your screen resolution (size) is set to 800x600. Lower screen resolutions may present difficulties in viewing the full-page size. To check your screen resolution:

  1. Click on Start
  2. Click on Settings, Select Control Panel
  3. Click on Display. Select the Settings folder. Move the setting control to 800x600.
  4. Click on Apply and then OK.
This will change your screen resolution. Note your screen may go black and then reappear with the new settings

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How do I study for the test?

No specific preparation is required for the test/s as they areare skill and general abilities tests.

Questions are generally multiple choice, and most tests are timed. The tests are based on ones already available in paper form, but have been placed online for greater convenience.

You have the opportunity to review and change your answers providing time permits. Refer to the article: What does the testing involve?

Sample questions are provided at the beginning of each test. Note that once you begin the downloading process and examine the sample questions you are committed to completing the test. Exiting the program at this stage will prevent you from completing the test.

You can view an online tour that explains what is involved in the testing, available on the TestGrid home page in the Site Tour Menu, click on participants or simply go to the tour by clicking on Participant's Quick tour

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Can I complete some practice questions?

Most TestGrid tests provide practice questions to familiarize participants with the format and content of the tests. The practice questions are not timed and are shown, along with detailed instructions and the correct alternative at the beginning of each test.

You must complete the test once you have seen the practice questions.

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When should I complete the test by?

The organisation who has arranged the testing will nominate a date by which testing is to be completed. TestGrid does not set dates for completion.

You may find this date is specified in the e-mail you received with your username and password. If not you will need to contact the organisation that has arranged the testing for these details.

If you are unable to meet the stated deadline you should contact the relevant organisation.

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What is the duration of the test?

Once you have logged in and filled in your personal details page, you will be taken to the Participants Homepage. Listed here are the tests you are being asked to complete and the duration of the test, if it is a timed test. Sample and practice questions shown before the test and are not timed. Refer to the article: What is the process of completing timed test/s?

A duration time of 0 mins means that this test is not timed. You should allow approximately 30 mins for un-timed tests.

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What is the process of completing timed test/s?

Tests can only be accessed once. If you have more that one test you can complete each at different times, however tests with multiple sections must be completed in one sitting. The duration of each test and the number of sections is stated in the table next to the test name, on your Home Page once you have logged in.

Once the test has been selected and the downloading begins, you must complete the individual test.At the beginning of each test there are instructions and some practice questions. You must go on and complete the test once you have viewed the practice and sample questions.

You can move through the questions by using the Next and Previous buttons. Alternatively, questions can be selected in any order from the left of the screen where questions are listed in blue boxes.

The box containing the question number will turn green when questions have been answered. Unanswered questions remain blue. You can click directly on a question box to access it at any time.

At the bottom of the page, you have button that enables you to mark a question for review, in which case the question number will appear in red. A question can be marked whether or not an answer is selected. Note: All marked questions with a selected answer will be included in the results sent to the database. These questions can be returned to at any stage if time permits.

When you have completed the test or section you have the opportunity to review your answers and make changes if time remains.

To complete the section and/or test, click on Finish Test. However, you cannot go back to review or change your answers once you have completed the test and clicked Finish.

NOTE: Participants should check the time available for each test carefully before beginning the downloading process.

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What is the process of completing sectioned tests?

Some tests have more than one section. As it is not possible to complete only one section of a test and return later, the entire test must be completed in one sitting.

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Who is a participant?

The word 'participant' refers to anyone who is taking a test through the TestGrid System.

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I can't access TestGrid via the link in my e-mail

This could be due to problems with your web based e-mail system.

To resolve this difficulty, open a browser and type in the URL you have been provided in your email. Alternatively you can login via the TestGrid homepage or try again later.

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I can't log-in

When you have entered your Username and Password and clicked on the button to login, your Participant Personal Details Page or Home Page will open in a new browser window.

If this window does not appear when you have logged in, it may be that this second window has been minimised within your tool bar. Check your tool bar where all open applications are shown to see if any of the icons contain your test window. (This toolbar is usually located at the bottom of your screen).

If you are unable to locate the test window because you have many applications or browser windows open, close these other applications and attempt to log in again.

Alternatively, check if any Internet security software operating has anti popup or anti advertising features. Such features may be preventing you from viewing the test window. You will need to deactivate these.

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'Page cannot be displayed' error message appears

Check that you are connected to the Internet. If you are able to navigate other web sites then refer to the article: Browser Requirements for further instructions.

It may be that your SSL (Secure Sockets Layer/Secure connections) has not been enabled. Refer to the article: Browser Requirements for further instructions on enabling SSL for WINDOWS.

If your SSL is enabled and the problem persists contact the TestGrid Help desk.

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When I log-in, the system says I have completed the assessment when I haven't

The assessments are delivered using dhtml. Once an evaluation has been selected and you click on START TEST or START SECTION, the system will automatically assume that the you will complete the assessment. This occurs even if you have not answered any questions in the test.

This is a security feature within the TestGrid system to allow participants to only have access to the evaluation one time.

If you login and the system indicates that you have already completed the evaluation and you haven't, you will need to contact the organisation who has arranged the testing.

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I can't Download the test

If you are required to complete more than one test, the tests will be presented to you in a set order. You must complete the tests in the order that they are presented to you. The test name will appear as a hyperlink that you can simply click on to begin.

If you still cannot download the test:

  • Check that you are connected to the Internet; OR
  • Log out and enter the TestGrid URL in a new browser window; OR
  • Check that you are using a browser that is supported by the TestGrid application. Refer to the article: Browser Requirements for more information.

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I can't see all of the Test window

If the computers desktop screen settings are set too low, then part of the test window may not be visible.

You need to change your desktop display settings. This can usually be done without shutting open programs or windows.

With the Browser window closed, follow these steps:

  1. Click on Start button
  2. Choose Settings, then Control Panel
  3. Open the Display section, and choose the Settings folder.
  4. The Desktop display area needs to be a minimum of 800x600 pixels.
  5. Click on Apply and then OK.

The settings have now been changed and the screen may go black and then reappear with the new settings.

NOTE: Some computers may prompt the user to reboot the computer in order for the new screen settings to take effect. It is advisable to check your screen settings before commencing the first test.

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My browser screen has frozen while downloading a test

The screen may freeze when the test is being downloaded.

The tests can take some time to download. Download time depends on the ISP (Internet service provider) being used, and the hardware being used.Once the download process begins, a window will appear indicating that images are being downloaded.

If this window does not appear, or a window appears but is blank, or the download stops after a certain number of images have been downloaded, then

  1. Close the browser and open a new one and try again.
  2. If the problem recurs, then participants should try a different computer.

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My Internet Connection was interrupted before the test downloaded

Each test downloads to your computer when it has been selected. Downloading may take some time depending on the age of the equipment being used, and the Internet service. Refer to the article: My browser screen has frozen while downloading a test for more information about downloading time.

If Internet connectivity is lost during the download, you may need to close the browser and log into a new browser. You should try to download the test again. If you find you are unable to access the test a second time (i.e. the system says you have already completed the test), then you should contact the organisation that arranged the testing and explain the situation.

NOTE: Internet connectivity can be related to the service provider being used. If your service provider has a download limit, or times the user out after a certain period of time, then it is recommended that participants use a different computer to undertake the test.

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My Internet Connection was interrupted before the results were sent

The Test is downloaded to the your computer before you begin. If your Internet connection is lost during the test, you can still complete the test, but you will need to reconnect to the Internet on completion of the test in order to ensure your test results are returned to the TestGrid database.

Test results are returned to the TestGrid database when the test is complete (i.e. when you click on 'Finish Test') or the test time expires.

If the Internet connection drops out before results have been sent, you may receive a prompt to re-establish the Internet connection or be informed that there is a communication error. In either case, you should reconnect to the Internet without closing the Test window (the test window can be minimized, but not closed). Once an Internet connection is re-established, select the Finish Section or Finish Test button to send the test results to the TestGrid database.

NOTE: If the communication error window does not disappear after reconnection to the Internet, participants should contact the organisation that arranged for the testing to be done.

If you close the test window, manually, rather than allowing the test results to be returned to the database and the window closing automatically, your results may not be recorded. In this situation you should contact the organisation who arranged for the testing to be done. The organisation can check if the results have been received, or organise an alternative if necessary.

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Why is TestGrid asking for my personal details?

The system requires you to enter your personal details the first time you log in to the TestGrid site. It is important that this information is entered correctly.

Some personal details are optional, and some are set as mandatory. If the system does not allow personal details to be saved, then you should check if all mandatory fields have been filled. A red asterisk indicates mandatory fields. Refer to the article: Why are certain personal details fields mandatory? for more information.

Personal details can be changed. Once logged into the TestGrid site, click on 'Modify Personal Details'.

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Why are certain personal details fields mandatory?

Certain sections of the Personal Details are required so as to be able to identify you and your results and they enable the organisation that arranged the testing to contact you. (i.e. Name, e-mail and Contact Phone number)

Other fields (i.e. Age, Occupation, Level of Education) are mandatory as they relate to the norming or benchmarking procedures. Refer to the article: What is the purpose of the testing? for more information. This information may have little or no relevance to the position you are applying for.

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Why do I have more than one username?

Occasionally a participants name is accidentally placed on two lists, and they will receive two usernames and passwords.

If you have only applied for one position, you should ignore the second user account. You should notify the test administrator of the organisation that arranged the testing and inform them of the selected username/password. The test administrator can then deactivate the unused user details.

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What is the definition of a Psychometric Test?

A psychometric test is a series of tasks, written or practical, which measure a clearly defined sample of human mental behaviour. The word 'psychometric' means that the measurement is statistically driven.

Psychometric tests assess cognitive ability. Cognitive ability refers to an individual's ability to perform mental processes such as acquiring and retaining skills & knowledge, in addition to the ability to organize, reason and solve problems.

Psychometric tests can be applied to almost all industry and positions.

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What are the different types of Tests?

Abilities & Aptitude tests measure general cognitive (mental) abilities and intelligences. They measure a person's natural aptitude or acquired proficiency, capacity for learning and their general suitability to a role.

Competency profiles are tests that measure strengths and developments in relation to behavioural competencies.

Personality profiles are tests that measure a person's complex of characteristics that distinguishes them as an individual (general and core personality), work style and values.

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What is the purpose of the testing?

Psychometric tests assess cognitive abiltiy. Cognitive ability refers to an individual's ability to perform mental processes such as acquiring and retaining skills and knowledge, in addition to the ability to organise, reason and solve problems.

Extensive research has supported the validity of cognitive ability tests as a means of predicting future job performance. Potential employers use psychometric assessment tools as a means of collecting information on how a potential participant may perform in a given work environment.

Psychometric tests can be applied to almost all industry and positions.

For recruitment purposes, the test results are generally used in conjunction with other information collected through the recruitment process. The combination of this information is used to assess suitability for a role.

Testing can also be used as an aid for staff development, planning and benchmarking studies.A Benchmarking study involves the investigation and documentation of the relevant abilities, competencies andpersonality traits necessary for optimal performance in a defined job. The process of benchmarking includes the creation of specialist norms using the top performers as the reference point or yardstick.Those norms can then be used when making decisions to recruit externally, to promote internally or to identify opportunities for development.

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Why have I been asked to do these tests?

TestGrid facilitates the online testing of participants for organisations. Organisations may decide to test potential employees as part of the recruitment and selection process or existing employees as part of training and development programs.

You should contact the organisation, for which you are completing the test, to enquire about your test results, and to find out if they have been successful in the recruitment process.

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Can I view my test results?

The system logs your results once you click on 'Finish Test', and the test window disappears. If you have more than one test to complete, you will be returned to a screen (Participant's Home Page) that enables you to undertake the next test.

Once you have completed all your set tests you will be returned to a screen thanking you for your effort and inviting you to provide your feedback about your testing experience.

TestGrid is not able to provide individual participants with their test results.

You should contact the organisation who asked you to complete the online test/s directly, if you want feedback on your results.

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What are the Terms & Conditions?

When you log into the TestGrid site for the first time you are prompted to enter your personal information. You are then given important information to read. You will need to confirm that you have understood this information before being able to proceed to the actual tests.

As the participant, I confirm that:

  1. all information provided as part of the participant registration process is true and correct;
  2. no other person will be granted access to the username(s) / password(s) which have been assigned to me for the purposes of this assessment;
  3. the assessment(s) will be undertaken without the assistance or involvement of any other person; and
  4. I will keep confidential the content of the assessment(s) to preserve their integrity.

As the participant, I acknowledge that:

  1. I will take part in a verification process if requested by the relevant Employer; and
  2. the results of the assessment(s) are the property of TestGrid and / or the relevant Employer.
  3. the information I provide may be used in a deidentified form for research purposes.

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What security does TestGrid provide?

TestGrid assures confidentiality for both participant and employer by maintaining a high level of security. The site may only be accessed with a username and password provided by TestGrid, and access levels are strictly monitored.

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How to contact us.

If you would like to contact our technical support center you can send an email to

Please include the following details in your emails to help us assist you:

  • your full name,
  • the name of your company you are testing for,
  • your telephone contact details,
  • and your username and password.

Alternatively you can call us on +61 1300 878 473

The TestGrid HelpDesk is open between 8am and 6pm (AEST) between Monday and Friday.

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